Thursday, April 11, 2013

Earth Our Planet

Earth Our Planet :

The Earth is the Planet of the Solar System on Which We live Its is The Thired Planet From the sun .lt is a almost spherical, Flattened Slightly at The Poles in shape and has a diameter of 12,756 Kilometres(7926Miles)at the equator.Its Completes one Rotation Abouts Its Axis in 23 Hours And 56 Minutes and Takes 365 Days ,6 hours and 8 Minutes To Complete one Orbitys Around The sun.the age of Earth is Calculated At 4,500 million Years.Abouts 29.2 Per Cents of Eaeth 'S Surface is Covered by Land While the Remaining 70.8% Consists of Vast Expanses of Oceans. The Period of 4,500 million years of Earth'S age is Divided into four Eras Called Cenozioic Era, Mesozoic Era.Palaeozoic era and Precambrains era . The Lastest Cenozoic Era Began Abouts 65 Million Years ago and in it mammals replaced the Reptiles of the Mesozoic Era.